Thursday, 4 September 2014

RV with Pat & Jane

Before we go to Tim & Sue's we hook up with Pat & Jane and 'Cis' , their large motorhome at Le Cheix sur Morge near Vichy
Their intention was to spend a week on the Med coast after our RV at the aire and having travelled down from the UK for some R & R in the sun

Utilising the spare grass at the side of the aire and not taking up any designated spaces we settle in to an afternoon, evening and ultimately late night feast of wine, beer, food and chat

These are predominately the stars of the show and soon Pat has me well lubricated after having pleaded with me to start drinking as early as possible on arrival (some of that's not true! )

This guy (with relaxed abdomen) has actually lost 3 stone recently and I am gobsmacked for most of the day as it seems to me he did not lose it this way!
Not supposed to talk about women and weight loss but well done Jane for also losing an equally impressive amount
No hope for me and Nina!

Sensible Blondies….

Crazy Pat….

The stars take an encore before doing a gig at the recycle bin

Always a drama……this was todays:

After many beers and after 6pm we are aware the aire designed for 6 now has 14 residents squeezed in all over the place, hardly relaxing for them
So as the last French guy to arrive decides he's going to confront the Brits who are nicely quiet in the corner to move, yours truly lurches forward with Pat as rearguard and firmly explains to the late arrival (in French) that he should have got here at midday like us and in fact we are not on any designated spaces, so basically, TOUGH!
He retreats, (quel surprise) to wedge himself in next to the hedge over yonder after I told him to go seek another aire as that is normal etiquette
Had he have approached us in a friendly calm manner I'm sure Pat & I would have created some room for him somehow. For the record we were parked at an angle either side of a tree with no real access for another. We stressed about this episode for a full minute or so then cracked some more Leffe beers
Jeux Sans Frontiers as Eddie Waring used to say!