Friday, 12 January 2018

The Festive Period

We decide this year on spending the festive period away at Ricote so we can walk off those calories and just chill whilst most folk run round in circles....

As stunning as when we last were here so familiar trails are followed and its all pretty quiet away from the coast

Our Xmas Eve Tapas followed by far too much fancy cocktail mixing courtesy of Nina and her array of lethal spirits lined up
We were dancing in the van at a very early stage come the evening and its a good job our nearest neighbours were parked well away

Christmas morning and the veg is done!

Just four vans here and one of them has Judy & Keith in it...
We met these guys at Jalon and waxed lyrical about Ricote to them so we were not surprised to find them here
Having had their lunch on Xmas Day they spent the afternoon with us in the sun

Lunch arrived around 5pm and we were ready for it!

A few more days were spent at Ricote and then we wandered off back to Murcia

Encamped for the New Year were our North Eastern friends and Keith tagged along with us in to the city to see the sights (and drink beer!)

Not bad for the last week of 2017...

We bid farewell and Bon Route to Keith & Judy and head off to spend New Year's Eve at San Fulgencio parked up near a favourite bar of ours in the hope its open for the main event later in the day. We decide to walk it to Guardamar and back to visit a new Pizzeria I checked out on the web, a round trip of around 9km which was OK but alas the gaff was closed

So, having checked earlier that 'Our' bar was going to be open we hastilly entered at around 9.30pm to be told it was closing at 10.00pm 😒
But don't worry says Tony the Spanish boss 'I'll reopen at five past midnight'
To his word he did and we were his first customers of 2018...
The 50m walk back to the van was done around 5am....

'Franco', one of several mixed nationality guests we had the pleasure of meeting that night amid a steady flow of beer and cava...

After gathering ourselves next day we trundle past Alicante & Benidorm again to RV with Keith & Chris again at Jalon
Fish & Chips it is then!

We do some good steady village walking taking in a good Menu Del Dia at Alcalali and having a few wines in Jalon centre

All smiles next day as we head the other way to Senija via Lliber

Obligatory refreshments in the square at Lliber

Wow that sun was hot!

Evidence of the betting/racing sport involving the painted pigeons that goes on in these parts

Keith's new friend...

A reminder that water isn't free in Spain

A great few days with our fellow travellers spent in a great spot

We go now to spend a week or so at another firm favorite, Casa Rudo at La Hoya

Friday, 29 December 2017


We reluctantly leave Jalon and head down to a new stop near Murcia for a few days and a visit in to the city. The Aire is part of a huge retail car park with more space than they know what to do with so fits the bill nicely for our purpose

Nina spots a Christmas Puppy in nearby Ikea
(Less looking after than the real Larry, hey Deb!)

I prefer sausages at Xmas TBH....

There's an excellent new tram system in place in the city with a stop near us so decide to walk in but tram it back in the evening
Eventually we find a really nice cafe for elevenses'
We had to move from here shortly afterwards as the sun was just too strong (at last!)

The route in is not sexy with lots of development work going on, alas not in this case

Nina's Nirvana, Yuletide shopping heaven..

Murcia's Town Hall

€1.00 a pop for a quality beer, bargain!

Plenty of big green areas here in this busy city where folks can chill

Water urn fountain that just needed switching on really..

As with so many Spanish towns and cities its easy to get lost in the maze of tiny streets and passageways so rooftop towers and become the navigational aides for the day

The 'North Remembers'

Perhaps a 'Bridge Too Far' as we decided to take a look at the other side of the Rio Segura to discover  far too much walking was required to do it justice so wandered back to the old part and those tapas bars...

It was the Catalonian parliamentary vote today and we were aware of more Spanish flags than usual, perhaps just a sign of allegiance and a public moral boosting exercise given the area is a long way off

Apparently Christmas is around the corner

In the Plaza Circular the man made light & sound tree dominates proceedings
We stuck around here in the evening and listened to the local gospel choir bang out their seasonal offerings which they did admirably.

We'd walked a big day today so decided the swish new tram was our sleigh ride home...