Monday, 19 February 2018


After one night spent at Almerimar and a good walk in to the harbour area we set off again along the southern coast towards Malaga

We use the site at Almayate, actually a caravan/motorhome storage depot again and Nina takes this shot of a brighter and much warmer morning...

Thankfully the cold snap is now behind us and we can return to normal once again

I'm itching for a ride on Max though perhaps not in this particular fashion!

As ever, blue skies and classy Malaga greets us as Max is parked up on the seafront boulevard

Its quite warm in the sun and we are soon lunching and quenching thirsts...

The Jury is still out on this...
Nina reckons it was directions to a homeless shelter but I think it meant something more blatant
(It was actually pointing out of town)

Seems its Carnaval time everywhere we go at the moment and these 'Guys' just love a party

Takes 'Balls' I suppose....

We are firmly stuck in the middle of the parade and the city grinds to a halt

We decided on this one if we had the cash...

As night descends the parties begin amid the multitude of bars

Always a good day out for us here with lots to see and always something going on 

We spent three nights at Almayate visiting Nerja and nearby Torre del Mar a couple of times
There are very few quality camperstops on this southern coastline and unecessary cramped campsites are just not suitable for us and our limited needs
That said Spain is ever improving and adding new locations and it was nice to see the newly opened site east of Malaga full of vans as we drove by

The 'Wild camping' spots are on the wane I'm afraid with several lovely locations now out of bounds we've discovered. This is a real pity and the blame for their demise must rest surely on those Muppets who stay for weeks on end not moving on and dumping their waste in the local environment
This is not conjecture, We've seen it happen on many occasions...
The locals and the Policia have had enough and who can blame them? If only there were more sites along the coastline with basic facilities and charging just a nominal fee for a few nights stay then perhaps everyone would be a lot happier.
The reality is I'm afraid that those who dump their black waste in the river or nearby bushes, hang out their washing and are content to cram next to each other on unsuitable wasteland are in fact way beyond redemption. Any number of newly built camperstops would not change their behaviour

That said I must point out that they are in the minority by a country mile and most vanners are really nice responsible people. As with anything in this world its the 'Muppet Minority' that give the rest a bad name sometimes...

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Arrival of the In Laws

The last few days at Ricote are spent walking in the surrounding hills and enjoying the new found peacefulness....

The 'Only bar in the village', well Gin Bar actually

A walk down to Ojos and a favourite cafe of ours for some home made cakes

We leave Ricote and head off down to an RV with Nina's folks at Puntas de Calnegre
Its their first time in Spain in their van and have finally escaped miserable Britain for some winter sunshine

We meet up at Taray Camperstop and catch up on their expoits travelling down from Northern Spain

Some gentle ambles along the front sees them sucking in the fresh sea air and we push further along the headland for some lovely views

This beach is totally rammed in the early summer

Inviting but very chilly...

Lots of snail graveyards are to be found here

We manage to get good spots a few days later at La Azohia on the car park overlooking the sea and I catch Nina waiting for her folks soaking up that sun...

Recently armed with a supporting stick Terry says he's up to walking around to the Torre some distance away. This is good news as recently he's been unsteady on his feet

The view from the first watering hole frequented by the little 'Cafe' birds on the lookout for fallen morsels from the tables

Thats them on the left

Most nights after our days spent together Nina cracks on with her Mum's Mother's day card

View along to Isla Plana to which Terry managed a good walk

We leave the coast and spend a night back at Murcia so the girls can go shopping and the men do Laundry duties at the nearby Lavanderia, what fun! ­čśĽ
A trip to Ikea has me demonstrating to her Dad how much space his daughter likes to take up in bed!

Next morning we hit the 'Al Campo' and stock up for our joint trip up to Ricote
Perhaps not this much ham is needed...

Lynda & Terry take an instant liking to Ricote and decide they would like to do the circular hill walk
This has us in mild panic mode for a while as its rough going in places with a few convincing drops but he's up for it and in the past few days has been enjoying walking further

With the aid of my 'Walking sticks' he's much steadier on his feet and we set off on the route

Ricote had some rain recently and its a bugger if you hit a soft spot in the van, all spin and no movement...
My tow rope gets some more use as I pull them back out the mud

Chilly nights but sunny days for our stay here. Spain (and a lot of Western Europe) is going through a cold snap at the moment
They are in the best place but its unseasonably cold and we keep a close eye on the weather app for those temperatures to rise!

The Guys are missing chips so Nina whacks on the mobile chip shop

Check those beauties!

A night down in Archena sees us being treated to a lunchtime meal with Nina selecting the vegetable 'Mixed Grill' as a starter. Nice meal this, taken at the very clean well presented 'International Restaurant'

After nearly a fortnight with the In Laws we go our separate ways, us back to Murcia, them back to Ricote. We were stunned that her Dad did so much walking and pleased he didn't tumble. At the time of this posting we learn that they've done the long circular route reverse ways again which is great to hear. Some of the steeper climbs are around 50 per cent

Chill out time in Murcia

Nice to walk the city at night and see some fine architecture lit up amid the myriad of cafes and bars

One Big tree...

Late evening tapa hits the spot nicely

Too early for breakfast though!