Thursday, 4 September 2014

Southwards along the Loire

For the next few days we amble southwards roughly following the course of the Loire upstream
Carefully selected aires bring great rewards as they are really peaceful and located nicely for us to get our bikes out and really make an effort to improve our fitness
Gradually increasing the distance and being out most days in the glorious sunshine sees us reach 50km one day which is great
What follows are randoms shots taken whist mainly out biking or walking the banks of the Canal Lateral a la Loire from the aires close by

Fruit picking season 

So much timber and all my tools in storage...

A lot of the side canal and waterways are now just nature trails and passable on the bikes with care although Nina's front brake cable snapped, thankfully as we got back to the van

Usual stuff, midday and no one around

We spied the local bar for light refreshment, surprise, surprise

The 'organic' followers would hate this 

More seasoning timber I would love to carve up with my power tools

Canalside at Sancoins

We wished this guy good luck for his evening's fishing which in angling world is apparently a no no

They look cute and taste rather good too!

Big ride day and we were finally tempted to have Entrecôte steaks at this canal cafe

A one horse village at Montoldre but it was nice to relax and listed to the sheep and chickens next door
Our legs needed a day off too...

Lac de Vassivière the evening before our visit to Tim & Sue's

All very tranquil now the kids are back at school

Whilst I ambled around, Nina began the 12hr prep of boeuf bourguignon to take with us next day
At 1am she switched off today's prepping and I was left starving as the van smelled wonderful

View straight out the bedroom window