Tuesday, 29 April 2014


We go to MsCar, the Fiat main dealer in Faro as arranged after a good night spent in Quarteira and a great meal at a busy restaurant specialising in Frango & Batata Fritas, thats chicken & chips to you and me…
An early start next day dropping the van off, picking up a hire car and settling in to a nice comfortable hotel in Loulé not far from Faro

Thats us in the middle with the flag on the roof. Kinda odd splashing around on the roof of a town centre hotel...

A phone call later that day whilst we were lounging by the rooftop pool revealed that it will be a five day job at the very least…
So off we go next day back to the garage to grab more clothes and essentials for our extended hotel stay

Initial concern about so many bolts on the specimen trolley turns to relief as the service manager shows me the engine is still in the van and the turbo has been removed for testing
Why I was told it was a full engine & gearbox removal beats me but they seem to be on top of it

Close by on a hilltop is Nossa Senhora Da Piedada church, closed today but a good viewpoint back to the town

Fountain of Youth...

Not too far up in the hills is Alte, a favourite village of ours and today basking in full sunshine

Iris, says Nina

Fonte Pequena, a popular leisure area centred on the river

More unknown specimens...

Tourist season approaches so time to spruce up


Super Bock's main rival

This guy is still here and looking well...

Must start a flower blog, that will test me surely

Bird of Paradise…defo!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

More Silves

There's a five day wait until the trip to the garage in Faro so we head yet again back to Silves as this is our easiest and most relaxing option

This look forward also cheered us up….

We made a couple of trips to this lovely cafe sort of lost in time..

Spot the Natas, top left in the goodies section..

We traced distant music to this guy sat in the cool shade under the arches of a tower

More unknown flowers….


Double trouble

Easy life sat in the park all day...

We felt sure this was a fountain arrangement (with a broken pump)

Can you see the two youngsters?

Eco friendly boat sporting an outboard motor….

Could this be our last look at Silves for a while?