Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Three Dams

The 'Irish Contingent' are duly returned to Faro ready for their flight back to Dublin ahead of the rest of the 'In Laws' return the same day 

Thats it then....we survived the 'Family Thing'
Time to set course for Espana and some well deserved R & R

A return via Seville to Camphillos and a very pleasant two night stay gives us the base to go discover the nearby barragems

Our trusty steed...

The Guadalhorce dam and its fine masonry

A dog's life!

Big they were too...

Ah, here's a nice lunchtime surprise..
Restaurant El Kiosko, near the dam and next to the access path to the famous King's Walkway gorge ropewalk. A walk to be done another time as alas things are still dodgy in the sciatica dept

Super value this lunch and topped off with a €2.50 strawberry delight!

We move on and spend a few nights at this gem of a stop
Embalse de Francisco Abellan is a huge dam lying north of the Sierra Nevada near La Peza

Water levels are low as you'd imagine at this time of year 

A nice bar/pizza restaurant lying just 200m away provided us with several excuses to escape the heat of the day which is now touching the thirties most days....

The vast vertical excavation around the barragem is a wonder of construction but leaves me with apprehension as this 'stone' aint the hardest out there...
I remember the landslip at Pomarao earlier in the year

Big time concrete water run off for the barragem

The approach ramp (should it rain of course!)

Thats us perched above the return slope

So quiet and peaceful up here we decide on Al Fresco cooking
So paella it is then!

The bar also does kayak rental...

For only the second time in her life Nina takes to water
(a cat in a bath would be an appropriate comparison here)

That selfie nearly sank us BTW....

Max takes us down river next day to Presa de Quentar and the biggest dam so far

'Vast' would be a good description

Mr Vertigo did not like taking this shot....

The twisty roads in the hills on the way back provided an excellent opportunity for Nina to fill the phone's memory with pillion videos