Friday, 17 July 2015

Weekend with the Elliotts

Just as Hank and I return to the van we are greeted by the sight of Chris & Keith positioning their van next to ours.
Its not long before everyones bored with my blister story so we break out the BBQ and our new 'burner ring' and the five of us have a jolly old time downing sausages and booze.
After Hank's departure home we have a good old catch up and plan the next day's walking activities. 
How I intend to make the course I'm not sure and bitterly regret my choice of socks today

Today is flower shoot day as there's so many to choose from on our route

Our route broadly follows what we did yesterday although not as long and we pass through some well tended allotments

How tempting to leap the fence and steal some of these beauties…

The Troops inspecting what remains of a very old quarry

We are soon on the Cromford Canal and passing that stunning house, this time minus the Westie

A few refreshers at the Jug & Glass after a nice walk sees me examining my feet yet again. Aching and sore but a different sock strategy and some sympathy sees me through to live another day…

Next morning Chris serves up the perfect walkers' breakfast which is quite apt as we are about to set off again on another scenic route

"Keith, I don't see a 'Golden Eagle'"

"Yes its there Pete, see, it opens at 11.30am"

A horse…of course

'Ray' explaining all things stile related

Nice puffers

The 'Dirty Dogs' rest up at the Tavern at Tansley

After this weekend we feel like sleeping for a week or so, so good to catch up and the weather was kind to us too
Thanks Chums for your excellent company