Sunday, 19 July 2015

Walking with Simon

Simon, a fellow full timer and friend comes to stay the night in our humble field
The plan is to go walking next day if the weather permits and catch up on all the Goss as we've tried to RV several times in the past year or so but been separated by at least one country each time

A few beers later and we are tucking in to Nina's fayre amid frantic conversation
This is mainly due to Simon's tales of travel to Oz and Morocco recently and we are thoroughly absorbed…

We don the boots next day and set off but don't get far…
These guys at Maycock Butchers in Holloway have become a regular haunt of ours recently. The produce is more than first class and I challenge anyone to walk by without going in for sausage rolls!

The weather is good and we are off down that canal again

Simon has a thing called an Ordnance Survey map which bemuses me, surely everyone can navigate like me with 'in built sense of direction'..
(Two near death experiences lost up Kinder soon spring to my mind)

We leave the canal and head up in to the hills behind Cromford

Another 'Des Res'

Its not for sale friend...

We touch on the last stretch of the High Peak Trail back down to the canal and Simon treats us all to coffee & ice creams at the tea rooms, good man...

Just as well as 'Sherpa Jarrett' takes us uphill again on a jungle adventure following his trusted map.
The path is there, but just not used very often
By the time we three had thrashed through it beating it with sticks and relieving the nettles of their sting it was fit for further use by other walkers

Back at the vans, and after 16km of pure enjoyment, we settle in the sun and quench our thirsts…
Bon Voyage Simon
Till we meet again...