Monday, 22 April 2013

Back through France to Blighty

Been a while since last posting as we are now just back in the UK and can now update things
All a bit random this post as it is a small collection of shots taken en route back from Northern Spain through SW France back to the UK via La Bourgogne & Champagne regions.
We couldn't resist a stop off at Bruges as it is so close to our route back
So, back in Spain we stayed next to a small nature reserve on night after a cracking drive through the mountains..

Just grazing at the side of the road..

Perfect terrain for these fellas

We passed through some stunning places in N Spain and had no time to do it justice so will revisit this area soon and spend a month or so discovering the Picos mountains as Keith has suggested. We plan to change bikes soon for more rugged mountain bikes that are more fit for purpose and so will help us discover more remote areas
So, after crossing the busy border towns we find ourselves in SW France and heading diagonally up through the country

Been to Monflanquin and neighbouring villages several times in summers past and found them to be very pretty Bastide villages, very touristy in season but ghostly calm at this time of year

Lunch here was very pleasant and had to move tables as we were too warm!
Made a welcome change from the last couple of weeks

Biron, bastide village and a great day sunbathing with a fantastic view

Rocamadour in the Dordogne/Lot region
Overcast day but devoid of hordes of tourists which made is a bonus as this was our first visit having avoided it in previous years

We spent a peaceful night behind this chateau

En route to Montignac

We remember this place, Montignac, well 
A must for summer visitors

Uzerche in the Correze dept in Limousin

Montaiguet en Forez in the Allier dept

A horse...of course

Marcigny in the Soane et Loire
We've lost count of the number of house searches we've done on this place in the last 10 yrs
Nina loves the road from here to Charolles as it takes you through Anzy le Duc, her favourite little village

Taken the morning after a cycle ride to Anzy in superb weather

To round off the trip we took in Bruges as the Aire is excellent and so close to the centre

Only made it down one street before we were on sampler menus of belgian beer

Lots of shops sell lots of these so a good place to take chocoholics

A brighter day than our last visit here before Christmas

So that brought the winter trip to a close...
We learnt lots, met loads of great folks and will repeat the Great Winter Escape each year from now on if we can. Morocco looks favourite at this stage next winter but with our ad hoc approach we will probably be somewhere completely different...
Thats the joy of this way of life!