Saturday, 22 October 2016

Garda & Lazise

Down the valley we go still further following the mountain waters to arrive at Monzambano, an ordinary Italian village really but which has a good CP for a few nights recharge.
Crucially its not far from Lake Garda and a jaunt on Max is soon undertaken

Still as pretty is Garda and the shops a magnet for Nina

Not for much longer...

A random toilet shot, took me by surprise this really as I thought modern plumbing was all the rage now..

We called at Lazise on the return leg and were glad we did

A lovely lakeside town which we thought was nicer than Garda actually

Sat in lovely sunshine next the harbour just pleased we are here..

Emilja informs us from Blighty that they are ready for Halloween!

Italy beckons..

The route across Austria is taken at its narrowest via Innsbuck without incident thanks to some unusual common sense on my behalf when I pulled in to a large car park midway down the steep descent from Germany. Not for a rest but to give my superheated brake discs a rest and a cool down. I've had brake fade' before and its not funny….

We hole up for two days out in the sticks next to some big lakes at Bolzano and break out the walking boots for some much needed exercise..

What a view! 

The Südtirol region is stunning with a never ending run of vineyards flanked by mountains and forests

Walkers memorial?

The idea of a circular walk ended with us turning around here in the next valley, steep descents and equally steep ascents on the way back in unchartered territory seemed a bridge too far today
That common sense thing again, worrying isn't it?

We make it back to the van and Nina sets about finishing another mini project

The weather turns for the worse as we arrive at a nice two night halt at Brentino amidst the vineyards

A pleasant walk down the local cycle route next day to stretch our legs

'Sleazy' tractors?

The sun comes out as does Max and we are off to Tripadvisor's best local choice for Pizza

Followed by the all essential Tiramisu which was divine BTW

Mittenwald & Garmisch PK

After a quiet yet crowded night at Nesselwang amidst mainly German wohnmobiles and their rotating satellite dishes we head via a short cut through Austria to Mittenwald

If you were to read that we'd stayed two nights next to a rail station you'd be forgiven for giving it the thumbs down on paper alone but with a view like this and infrequent electric trains how can we not stop here...

The 'not so ugly' venue for Mittenwald station

Some very lucky child might be getting this for Christmas

You could point the camera anywhere here and end up with a good shot but I've surely covered them on earlier posts!

So we have a cheap fire pit for use 'off piste' when the mood takes us. To make the all essential 'Ray Mears' styley kindling I convinced Nina I needed a proper knife.
They turned out to be budget busters so plumped for a more 'Customs friendly' belt knife that just needs a razor like sharpening applied to it
I already have one brutalised forefinger from an accident years ago so hope to keep the finger lopping count to zero with this baby

The sun came out for each of our two days in Mittenwald after very chilly mornings so we actually 'sunbathed' outside this local brauhaus with two fine Dunkles…

Max is released from the trailer and he takes us to nearby Garmisch Partenkirchen where the sun is shining and the blast along the Bavarian country roads was just sublime..

Ok its for kids really but on further inspection there were loads of grinning adults getting off the childlike sleds so thought I'd give it a go
The cable pulls you up a very long steep incline then you're released down what is essentially a bobsleigh run with sharp corners informing you to 'BREMSEN' with the panic handles 'obviously' fitted for girls…
Having told Nina I was going to come down 'Luge' style thus not compromising speed I had a 'sixpence-half a crown' moment when I thought it was possible to actually leave the track on a bend and end up quickly in the local Krankhaus
Nina was right to refuse my many attempts to get her to come with me. I apologise here and now for my English profanities which could not be held in during the 'ride' down

Total respect here for the guys who 'fly' here

Total respect too for a certain Eddie (the Eagle) Edwards who shone for Britain in the Calgary Winter Olympics of 1988. I walked up one of these things in Innsbruck many years ago and the view down to the drop zone in gut wrenching. To think the complete underdog in that event stole the hearts of millions and displayed so much courage is heartwarming
Last in both events but first in my book….

The launch area

The end of the line...

A return to Max and a great ride to Oberammagau to view the murals that adorn the many village houses

The sun is setting so we head back along some brilliant scenic roads to a cool Mittenwald and plot our journey next day across Austria to the border with Italy

Friday, 14 October 2016

In to Baden Württemberg

We drive each day in bite size chunks and enter the state of Baden Württemberg

Two nights are spent on a pleasant stellplatze at Reutlingen but the mornings are uncomfortably cold for us and the heating is switched on many times to try and bring us up to operating temperature..

Max is deployed to take us in to the town and we spend a few hours strolling the quaint streets and numerous shops (for Nina)

This guy is oblivious to all around and concentrates his attention on wayward unsuspecting fish in one of many brooks

Max takes us to a nearby Gasthaus on our return for a mid afternoon loosener..

Next on the target map is Überlingen lying on the northern shore of Lake Konstanz
The free bus at the stellplatz drops us off right at the lakeside
That's Switzerland on tuther side..

A lakeside resort of high quality and some very nice residences. Its a calm sunny day and just what we needed after the past few chilly days 

Lakeside promenades and bars with blankets for the ladies, boat trips and fancy shops. Nina is in her element

All too much for this Deutsche pussy

Imagine having this tree in your back garden as a kid!

At least they're honest...

The drive eastwards for a long time follows the shoreline amidst so many vineyards with grapes still a hanging...

We cross the state border in to the lovely Bayern (Bavaria) and all is well with us at Nesselwang
The ski lift above the very full stellplatz is fully operational with the last of the fair weather tourists, almost all exclusively German with some childen too as we suspect its half term here…

Mittenwald next (again) and time to make ready for the leap across Austria in to Northern Italy..