Friday, 14 October 2016


We leave Holland and soon pass in to Germany and head for Bergheim where there's a Brauhaus waiting for us to celebrate yet another of my birthdays…

Looks like rain Missus!

Best get inside the rammed Brauhaus (saturday night) and down a few of these cheery fellows...

The meal was spot on as we suspected and I suffered a lecture for having Schmalz as my starter
Rendered fat (lard) with herbs and crispy 'things'. Absolutely dead tasty and probably will stay inside me somewhere for months to come!

Another year older….

We drive the short distance down to a very practical quiet parking area in the centre of Koblenz close to the River Mosel and settle the van with many others for the night

Off we trot along the river in to the city passing several huge river cruise boats moored up

Not quite a canal boat is it!

Nice knocker Nina..

On a summer's day this would be a nice trip across the water and up the hill the other side
Today is very cold and sets the trend for the next week

Ding dong...

Well spotted Nina..

Go on then, if we must..

This was something special in boat world

The cold didn't stop the fun inside the deck top pool..

We enjoyed Koblenz and its mix of old and new buildings in its sprawling centre but were glad when we returned to the cosiness of the van
For several years we've enjoyed the crisp autumn weather here in Germany but I'm afraid we are already yearning for the milder climes of the Med...