Saturday, 21 April 2018


We trundle down to Puntas de Calnegre and join the fellow 'Fishes' for what turns out to be a fantastic Easter week at the Taray Camper Park
Sounding much like an all inclusive campsite but in reality a big flat gravel car park for MHs with basic services, perfect in that it serves as basecamp for the six Chums next the sea

There's a favourite restaurant of ours right on the beach which serves as the watering and eating hole for the Young Retirees

Lots of walking ensues with trips up and down the local shoreline taking in the beautiful scenery that makes this part of Spain so appealing to us

The usual suspects!

Sat scoffing sarnies and listening to the waves

Hard work this Life....

Us but on another day...

The walk southwards proves challenging with plenty ups and downs

and a jungle type terrain...

'Fishes' on the beach

'That plan' being formulated

Bond film lookielikies...

Mears spots a Top Bird...

Our time together leaves us physically & mentally drained as usual having spent six days full on partying, laughing and walking our socks off
We go our seperate ways finally with the knowledge that the next RV will be back at Dethick hopefully in the summer

(did you spot the clue?)

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Hasta Luego Ricote

Well it seems we've been here forever!
Our farewells are said to the In Laws as they head northwards slowly to return to Blighty and we just settle down to a familiar routine of walking and soaking up the ever increasing sunshine

We'd heard of this....

Oranges and lemons growing on the same tree!

Nearby Blanca is the walking destination one day

First impression here from afar was this guy was going to jump off...

Back up the steep trail we head for home

Whats the last thing you expect to meet on the mountain trail?


The walk back down to Ricote never disappoints

So now we say a fond 'Hasta Luego' to Ricote and head on down to the coast for an Easter RV with Chums Messrs Clarke & Elliot

N.B. Whilst we were here at Ricote we had what can only be described as a BIG idea!
A plan is hatched and the next few weeks are spent pursuing said plan. At the time of posting we are still busy working on it so no announcements till its in the bag!
There is a clue to be had however within this post!