Saturday, 26 September 2015


After a couple of nights on the world's quietest stellplatz in Tatzschwitz and having done a very long ride round the big lakes near Senftenberg we arrive in Dresden

We are parked on a dedicated stelllatz just 1km along the Elbe river from the Altstadt and are immediately bowled over by the city

The Fürstenzug (Saxon Sovereigns)

The Zwinger Palace

How it looked in 1945

Beautiful Neumarkt area which seemed very tranquil for a large city

No we didn't visit here

The Frauenkirche only recently completely restored

Both Hoffbrahaus and Augustiner breweries have fine establishments here, as we found out...

Very 'Nimble'

'The Fatherland, for Beauty & Honour"

The statue atop the Frauenkirche, paid for by the Brits as part of its restoration 

Seat commemorating the exclusion of Jews from the ramparts overlooking the Elbe

Dresden night skyline (Thanks Google)

Friday, 25 September 2015


Moving south from Berlin in to the Spreewald we again visit Dollenchen and that character Jörg at Gasthaus Stuckatz

After a couple of beers on his terrace earlier I go and order ice creams to go with our BBQ, not expecting them to be delivered like this...

Flags n' all

Jörg's party trick…

Next day we are out cycling amongst the turbines in the woods

We were actually going the wrong way at this moment...

Lunch at the little village of Babben saw Nina consuming this rather odd scrambled egg soup

After a very pleasant 4 day stay and only 10 minutes in to the departure journey we are parked at the services with loss of coolant trouble
The cavalry is called and a very cleanly dressed mechanic turns up and quickly diagnoses a plastic coolant air bleed valve to be the cause of our sweating...

He actually spent more time trying to get Numpty's socket out of the engine bay where I'd dropped it 

Another day, another drama...