Friday, 25 September 2015

Berlin-The Wasp Situation

We arrive in Berlin and settle in for a few days on a really nice stellplatz in Oranienburg next to a small marina

We break out 'Fozz' and make the ride in to Berlin amid darkening skies

It begins to rain but our spirits are high after parking the bike right outside the Reichstag and walking along the bank of the Spree river

The short walk to the Friedrichstrasse station, over the walkway, and soon ensconced on the terrace of one of our favourite bars…

Within minutes of sitting down Nina is dive-bombed by an outraged wasp for some bizarre reason and is stung just below her left eye
The drinks have arrived and we await the outcome of the event as there's no use flapping just yet…is there?

Very soon the venom takes effect and we are rushing to the chemists then the local doctors as her eye begins to close
The doctor gives her two cortisone injections and assures us it will go down straight away

So mild panic sets in as we are escorted to an awaiting taxi and despatched to the local hospital as its now spread to the other side

Poor Nina..
Not only is she referred to as 'Old Mother Russia' by the doctor but has to sit it out for four hours in A & E after having another four injections of who knows what in to her other arm

On a lighter note I am sent to reclaim 'Fozz' from the grips of possible traffic wardens at the Reichtag which means a jaunt on the busy U Bahn for a few stops

The walk back to the bike means I can take a few shots of the Spree in the evening sunset

After having sat it out at the Krankenhaus till gone 11pm we are quite 'Hank Marvin' so we grab a pizza and some sherberts on our long ride home
What a day!