Sunday, 13 September 2015

Ever nearer to Berlin

Having spent a restful night in Coesfeld we decamp and relocate to this…

and possibly the longest 24hrs of our life..

Next door and not looking too sexy, hence no photo, is our night halt outside the motorhome dealers with which we prearranged some new wiring work on the van
I know it never ends…

Basically the van was wired with seven pin trailer connections but the world has moved on to 13 pin Euro standard. This jargon means the next day until 3pm was spent waiting for the guys to wire me up so the trailer's fog, reversing lamp, interior light and two new side light additions can all work as they should. Not cheap but it makes sense and should give the numpties behind me some idea whats happening when the reversing light comes on!

Salzhemmendorf next and that all important Therme where we unwind for two days

Time to do some chores and a nice campsite a few kms away at Bodenwerder sees us on the set of Aladdin in the wishy washy guise

All work and no play makes Wifey unhappy so she's whisked up to the campsite restaurant to await yet more Schnitzel und Pommes

With a nice flat cycle path following the river Weser timed breaks appear to have been factored in to the itinerary...

Whats new Pussycat….

Sheep stop 'Le Tour'

Dig dem wheels….

The ferry over to the pub ran by a very nice man who didn't mind me telling him he was making too much money. Half an hour later and on our return he insisted on signing photographed tickets as mementos 
And they say Germans don't have a sense of humour….

Latest ensemble back at the van creates..

Thuringian Bratwurst complete with Spätzle und gemischter salad

Eastwards towards Berlin down the Autobahn and we pick out Helmstedt as a good stopover
We are just out of town so 'Fozz' takes us in to the centre

We have arrived amidst the start of 'Kulturnacht', an evening of town centre music, drinking and merriment so stay a while to soak up the atmos

Bellies are soon a rumblin' and I'm caught in the act again….

Next day is another day closer still….