Monday, 7 September 2015

German Penetration

Next day we trundle a little further and find Altenberge near Münster
An evening walk in to town is in order to stretch the legs and we are soon dining out...


Main course..


Next day and its brewery visit time as it was closed on the monday (against its website info) 
Klutes Brauhaus near Havixbeck has seen our souls before on a previous trip so it would be rude to pass by without a visit

Its thick, its cloudy and its tastes just wundebar!

Can you see this Pat?

At mid way point in the afternoon we had the place to ourselves..

Strangely en route to Die Toiletten

A belly full of ale and some absorbent fayre means we have to walk it off. This is one of the local residents' houses

Because we are having a jolly time its apt then that the fridge catch breaks and leads us to a local Wohnmobile dealer and fridge fixer.
Here we are given the sales speech on how this Chinese off roader would change our lives…
We left with a fixed fridge…..

Moving on to Seppenrade and a quiet night on a stellplatz next to the rose garden is preceded by a long ride along the Dortmund–Ems Canal which, although impressive in its engineering might, is quite un-photogenic 

Beers to follow an active day..

On to Münster on 'Fozz' for the Girlie to get some retail therapy

Step away from the window..

And you can forget that too!

Not a warm day but far warmer than our last autumn visit

Right, enough shopping, lets visit this famous emporium

My kind of menu

Because we can, and its a target-rich environment here in Westphalia, we 'accidentally' discover a previous haunt of ours. Oh its another Brauhaus, well fancy that….

Just in case we lose our bearings

This random post is finished off with some pretties for the Girlies...