Friday, 25 September 2015

Berlin-Bus Tour

Nina is much better today and more like her old self so decide to take the forty minute S-Bahn train from Oranienburg in to Berlin
A Tägeskarte is what we buy and it lets us ride in and then gives all day inclusive travel anywhere in the city, bus, U Bahn or S Bahn. At €7.40 each this is a bargain

We pop up from underground here at Potsdamer Platz and go window licking en route a nice lunch and refreshment stop
Shops a plenty here but after a wander round we head for Alexanderplatz and an RV with a tour bus

Some displays from one of the Malls

It was really hard Pat to walk past this place…

Some early monolithic russian inspired flats built in the eastern sector before reunification

TV Tower

Altes Museum

The Cathedral

There is immense building work going on in Berlin at the moment, particularly the underground lines, with no expense spared it seems. This is a completely new vast building 

The Holocaust Memorial

Brandenburger Tor

Hauptbahnhof central train station

The Victory Column (the stairs of which we climbed a couple of years ago)

The Zoo

The Kurfurstendamm, one of the city's best loved streets

For its shops and sculptures I guess

Wifey says this is THE place to shop
300 types of bread sold here and 1500 different cheeses said the tour guide
Oh and some very, very expensive designer goodies
If only the bus had stopped Nina….

The oldest U bahn station

That Wall...

Checkpoint Charlie

The Opera House

Trabants for rental

Great end to a great day
Nice to sit, enjoy, and only get stung by the bill!

This was our second visit here and there is so much more to see and do. Last time it was information overload in the museums and displays we visited. This time was much slower and relaxed and it was great to just open our eyes and take it all in

Next big place….Dresden