Saturday, 21 November 2015


We decide to bite the bullet and take the Autostrada as far as we can to get nearer to the French border without any hillside dramas. Its fortunate we did as it more than halved the journey times over the next two days. Quite amusing really as each time we paid a toll fee it had us down in a different class rating of vehicle than before. Arriving in Latte, (literally milk due to its prehistoric river deposits) quite relaxed after a pleasant drive both days we locate ourselves in a modest campsite 

Looking over Grimaldi to Menton

Monaco in the distance through the haze

Fozz needs Kangajuice so after we fill up (€11.00) I pull the bike forward to let the eighty-something guy in the black ferrari out. Thats a maserati parked up on the kerb BTW

Fozz is parked with the jet set for a few hours

Been here many times but still love the place...

If only Nina...

Not all glamourous here I'm afraid. There's a huge building project going on harbour side that has your ears humming

Too much fibreglass here but we discover a carpenter's dream of a boat

The 'Lady Moura', moved 20m since our last visit...

My wallet stayed firmly where it was..

The Hotel de Paris 

Some nice motors parked out front too

As far as we got

A ferrari in camouflage

Nina was quite upset that it was too early for the Xmas switch on, the council guys were busying themselves decorating Monte Carlo as we strolled along its walkways

A rather famous gambling den...

12 cylinder Merc

Not quite Meadowhall is it?

Some Real Estate up for grabs if you have the wonga

Fozzie's French counterpart...

Nina said any of the cream ones would do

A sexy Citroen

Manuel Fangio immortalised in Bronze and weighing more than 3 tonnes

Billionaires in our own way….

A walk up to the Prince's Palace and more shops to discover and some great views over both bays

Changing of the Guard

and its beautiful interior

The Port de Fontvielle 

Any apartment dear, just choose

The Palace at dusk

We had a few failed attempts at 'Menton' turn offs on our way home which resulted in a couple of laps of the F1 circuit, albeit at 50kph…..