Thursday, 19 November 2015

San Marino

So, all roads lead to San Marino….in our world that is

Getting here was no mean feat as our 'intelligence' of the place only really consisted of a few google searches 
These searches don't tell you about the 'Sutton Bank' style 1 in 4 final approach to this gem of a place. Thats to reach the lower car parks I hasten to add so when we arrived it was at 'Mach 10' and caused the guys behind in their puny Fiat 500s to sound their horns aggressively. Lots of 'British Salutes' and oratory later we stormed in to our home for the night. A full tier of the car park all to ourselves….

Did you read that correctly…
It was purely 'English' bombing that did the damage apparently…..

Individual plates as its a country in its own right

Thank God, Mussolini, or whoever for this baby...

The 'Funivia' is a real tourist thing but whips you up to San Marino proper in 30 seconds and saves you wringing out your sweatshirt at the top of an otherwise 'very' steep climb

Top of the world

A lovely day, a lovely place and quite warm too…

Shops a plenty here with a distinctive Russian feel..
The menus are available in Russian and some of the owners were defo Iron Curtain
How I fancied the big nose mask...

Expecting to get summarily ripped off we sat down to the best Pizza so far on our Italien Adventure. Not so! These were excellent value, came with a smile and a superb view looking down over the 'State'

Suitably refreshed we set off sightseeing again

This was awesome to say the least

A lot of the footpath, stone supported, seemed to hang in fairytale fresh air

Fancy a throw in from here?

The vertigo kicked in about now….

Just beautiful...

Back to those 'Red' shops and Russian owners

I took a liking to these minimalist watches. That means in three years I'll get one probably...

The stunning interior of the Basilica 


Yes you saw right. The photo was taken before yet more massacres in Paris

I know they are only 'toys' that fire pellets but the 'gun culture' thing is all wrong to me

San Marino….
A really lovely place. Clean, friendly, picturesque and in our top ten nicest places we've ever visited
P.S. If you're in a 5.25 tonne motorhome & trailer combo do yourself a favour and approach it from the North...