Thursday, 19 November 2015


Our journey up the spine of Italy continues and we next find ourselves in Corinaldo in the Marche region of hilltop villages and nerve wracking hairpin bends…

The local sosta here has been replaced with a spanking new facility for us motorhome folk
Its own access road and hillside location offering nice views and all facilities free including electric
That will do nicely thank you Senore Mayor

Just a smallish village going about its business with a walled interior to put it firmly on the map

Walter on guard duty...

One of several staircases up to the central area

Scratching Pussy….

Get off my land!

This little fella knew the score and we watched him perform his 'hang dog' routine around the bars and shops in the village. With much success as well!

Next day we wasted a complete afternoon visiting Ancona on the eastern coast. What a dump!
We hit the coastal road early with the intention of just cruising the boulevards. Sounds great doesn't it?
Reality is its just mile after mile of closed beach cafes and awful roads...
The highlights were a murky fog bound view of the ship scrapyard at Ancona, and eventually finding the exit out of the uninspiring town

The roads in and around this otherwise lovely hilly area are atrocious but the Italians don't care. They just tailgate us on Fozz and speed around those blind bends….
It was with huge relief we made it back, in the dark, to Corinaldo and a nice bottle of Chianti as ever to calm those frayed nerves...