Friday, 6 November 2015

Castelpetroso & Sulmona

We leave Pompeii and spend at least an hour trying to get out of the area on suitably wide enough roads 
Our sat nav route is closed and diversions are in place that are just not suitable
I elect eventually to bite the bullet and go for the fee paying motorway which turned out to be quite cheap really. 
It got us on our way up to the hills thankfully

The roads are instantly better and we trundle along to our overnight stop at Castelpetroso
Its a huge car park opposite the beautiful basilica and we are alone again, superb!

Check out this remote access ladder

The view down the valley is beautiful and a taste of the days to come

Next morning we enter the basilica to gaze upon the size of it all, followed by coffee at the nearby cafe

Later on we drive up the valley to Sulmona and find a quite sosta with free electric by chance

An amble in to town is quite rewarding as the place came alive late afternoon 

Refreshments with the nibbles again...

There were lots of shops selling these candy covered chocolate creations
Yes they are actually edible…

Quite a nice town this, so much so we returned to the van, redressed and went back in again...