Friday, 20 November 2015


Lucca next and we drive through town and settle in about 20km north of it up the valley at Chifenti, another gem of a stop with free everything…

Fozz is pressed in to service and we ride back to Lucca and stroll in to town

This is a lovely old town with a maze of tiny streets and a real cafe culture going on

So clean and appealing after visiting nearby Pisa...

Just hitchin' a ride

So many of these old shops with original facades

Ah the ubiquitous Limoncello on sale almost everywhere in Italy

The Piazza Dell' Anfiteatro

As with all the towns and villages we've discovered in Italy, come 5pm they are alive with folks strolling about and socialising in the numerous cafes/bars

not more leather shops girl...

Guess what…
Pizza and some vino rosso on the way out of town really hit the spot on another great day..