Friday, 6 November 2015

Sorrento & Amalfi

We finally arrive in Pompeii in surely the worst sweat I've been in so far..
Not because its quite warm (22 Degs actually) but because there really is no option here, south of Naples, than to endure the manic drivers and the worst roads I've ever seen
Lots of the main thoroughfares were just either poorly maintained, very uneven cobbles or granite flagstones long since broken in to pieces
Add to this the fact we arrived on a double public holiday with religious festivities occurring we found it amazing that we arrived at our chosen private sosta unscathed
The entrance to the sosta meant using the nearby square to angle the rig head on at a gate just wide enough to not scrape the mirrors. Then down a sharp ramp and in to tranquility for three days

All that said the next few days were a memorable experience, using Fozz to visit Sorrento and cruise the Amalfi Coastline

These were the only shots of Pompeii we took one evening as we were out on Fozz most of the time

How old is this tiny fella?

Not so stressful is it!

We are blessed with a week of fine weather and after what can only be described as 'Wacky Races' we discover Sorrento

Mount Vesuvius dominates the skyline towards Naples

Probably the safest place mate...

Is it me or was I expecting more in Sorrento?
We spent a couple of nice hours in the company of Malcolm & Sue at their holiday apartment overlooking the harbour after initially meeting at lunch and we collectively discussed some choice holiday destinations
Can we make it to Zanzibar in the van?

Next day and I've got the hang of weaving in and out of traffic with hundreds of other scooters and off we set for the Amalfi coast. We only get as far as a superb lunch stop high on the winding coast road coming down to Amalfi

We were sat in lovely sunshine being served some really top quality seafood dishes

and looking down over the vines to the sea below

This was more like it...

Off the bike and out with the camera

The town of Amalfi

Scooter row

Today was a great day. Well worth the hassle of the previous days travelling. It was a joy to whizz around the hairpin bends discovering something new round each corner, even in the dark on the way home
Its a beautiful coastline as we expected and so nice to do it out of season