Thursday, 6 September 2018


Forgot a complete post!

Between our sojourn with the Cathcarts and Dethfest came a bizarre few days at Mercury RV Ltd in the Kent countryside near Faversham

Having left Pat & Jane to head home due north after our London trip we head off to have the 'van' undersealed with Dinitrol

Having spent the night in their yard we present ourselves next day to the pleasant Irish guy who set about getting Tasca off the floor to work underneath on him
Nina's stress levels were at an all time high and she wasn't convinced about the safety of the jacks
Tbh I was apprehensive having never seen this done before but we stood back nervously

In unison the jacks send him upwards and 13.3 Tonnes are lifted easy peasy

A chance now to see the state of the underside

The verdict is an official "Its actually not bad really"
So some form of relief there. I'd been told that they never look pretty underneath and structural failure is almost unheard of but I had my reasons to get the job done

Possibly the worst of the corrosion can be seen here on the box steel sections that make up the support steelwork for the slides and lockers
All this metalwork is fabricated on site by Winnebago and welded/bolted to the main chassis during construction. In our case, in 2007
The problem is its not then rustproofed or protected in any way as the Yanks rely on sheer thickness of steel to combat any future corrosion issues

Call me Mr Paranoia but those welds need some TLC! 
Broken welds ten years down the line wil not be appreciated so we laid down the money...

First the total underside gets a steam clean to remove the dirt then allowed to dry
Rust inhibitor is applied which turns black as it react with the rust
Wax is injected in to cavities 
Then 12 litres of this stuff, 4941 gets sprayed all over anything metal (and a few other places) by the guy (wearing no protection at all I add) using a high pressure lance and an air compressor

Hey presto...

A diiferent vehicle...

A vast improvement cosmetically but of course a few trips in the rain will make it look like a normal truck again
The reassuring thing though is the corrosion has been stopped in its tracks and I have the ability to 'touch up' where necessary in the future with the same product by using their convenient half litre aerosols

I guess most folks would not be bothered going to these lengths to protect their vehicles but we have peace of mind now knowing when we are parked for months on end on the numerous European shorelines that salt corrosion in the air won't affect us too much

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Dethfest 2

Its here again....

No bands, no queueing at the portaloos, no traffic, no muppets...well perhaps just 6!

The 'Crowd puller' this year and centre of attention again was Mick's 'Dethfest Beer' which got things off to a blurry start

Sausage rolls awaited our arrivals at the farm so I had a go heating up one for Keith via the generator, convection microwave and much hilarity
Three ex firefighters in an RV filled with billowing smoke laughing like naughty kids...
At least the smoke alarm got tested!

"This is where you went wrong Pete"

Sat outside the trio of 'Recreational Vehicles'

Chris never disappoints when it comes to 'nibbles'

And there's more!

Spain all over again...

Cromford Canal during the next day's walking undergoing major surgery

Chattanooga Choo Choos

Much hilarity here as Mick & Keith get involved in sheep herding
The guy on the right (equipped with non herding labradors) has offered to round up an ageing farmer's sheep for him
All to no avail with the sheep having a good laugh as they escape the waving shepherds

Back in Tasca group dining is tested with a pie and pea supper

The next day was spent out walking to Matlock and having lunch in Spoons before the long trek uphill back via Riber Castle

Mick & Deb's bacon butty breakfast on the last morning finished off a great few days together and plans were laid for the forthcoming autumn and winter tours

All roads eventually lead to Spain..
Greece has been put on the back burner for a while but we'll get there given we have all the time in the world....

Friday, 10 August 2018

London Calling

Its that time of year again to meet up with chums Pat & Jane for a few days of 'Adults behaving badly'
No dodgy activity you understand just folks of a certain age exchanging views, opinions, laughs, pub crawling and giving our tired bodies all the punishment they can take be it walking around a big city or consuming far too much alcohol
Oh well, someone has to have fun after all!

On the way down to London we are passed by another big RV pulling the company service vehicle
Small world it seems...

After meeting up at Thurrock services for a cuppa Pat & Jane head off to the Abbey Wood site with me following they wrong!
Trusty Sat Nav (who now really does need to be obeyed due to size, length, weight...etc) takes us somewhere else initially
Simples...It was still set up for motorways but NO tolls
(Only guys with bigger pensions use toll roads I've found 😊)
A quick reset and Dartford Crossing here we come!

On the largest (and best) pitches we are safely tucked away on the wooded site in the heart of Abbey Wood south east of London

Setting up is done and we are off in to nearby Greenwich via the new train station

An Airstream caravan (or similar)

Greenwich is reached!

Its a baking hot day and the hoards of tourists (Like us) are out and about near the Observatory

Actual pubs/drinks and any photos relating to them have been lost in a blur at time of posting this so if you want a blow by blow account feel free to visit Pat's precision recollection at Help! I'm being dragged around far too many pubs 😉

One of many...

An Arena

A Capital's skyline

Some Muppets

Part of a Monopoly board

Elementary my dear friends...

A Hound

A bus

A Regal house of residence

On the hour the horse guards change at the Household Cavalry

Some are not so keen to be brought to heel...

We were lucky enough to be allowed in to the courtyard and we felt quite safe with these guys nearby

Now that's a proper crane

Pity really but then restoration work needs to be done sometime

A Big Wheel

HMS Belfast in the background 
39 years ago I took Nina's photo on the ship when we were teenagers...

Yes the occupants were everywhere following their tour guides

A proper ship

An Iconic bridge

A big church....😃

The sunday was spent back in Greenwich again in baking heat wandering this lovely suburb and sampling various refreshments

A hour or so in the Maritime Museum went down well with me and my fellow chums were quite patient as I ambled along reading almost everything

With the days spent walking around the sights and the evenings sat in or out our mobile residences the time passed far too quickly
We'd definitely come again as its completely doable for us in the RV, the connections to the Big City are really good and the site is first class
Perhaps a little cooler would be better but there will be many years of average weather in which to look back on the Heat of 2018!

Next up is a visit to Kent to get the Dinitrol undersealing done...