Friday, 29 August 2014


Further down the Loire trail we discover Briare
Its Aqueduct is a marvel of engineering and is one of many attractions in this pretty town that is interlaced with canals and waterways

Looking down in to the Loire

Siesta time for most of these guys

A patient fisherman...

A lazy Alpaca

Nina's nature shot...

Not sure if these flood defence gates are used today

Very nice respite for cyclists and the like..

German handiwork 

Just over the road from this..

We indulge in this...

Are you looking Mick & Sharon?

Where did all the fish go?

More convincing flood levels

Your 'water shot' Nick

Different atmos once the sun goes down

Monday, 25 August 2014

Sully sur Loire

Staying next to a very nice fishing lake at Lailly-en-Val we take to the bikes for a petit tour

'Jean de Florette' amid his Fleurs

The Chateau at Sully sur Loire with a very convenient aire close to its grounds

This puss is now down to 8 lives as we watched it lying in the road as the cars drove round her

A proper fortress this one with a moat

Worrying water levels (we were already 3m above the water)

Ding Dong…

One of two weddings within 100m of each other

The Bridal car from the second

Oi! Get Awwf my land!

'Nice beaver'