Saturday, 7 February 2015


The coast road now towards Malaga is Tomato City

A world of nets and polythene ensure the world will never run out of unseasonal fruit

So today's bright idea was to visit Granada and see the Alhambra Palace
Unfortunately en route through the Sierra Nevada the temperature drops to 0 Degs C and we arrive in a snowstorm to find our preferred overnight stop to be a non starter
Its an underground storage facility, all very nice, but with no sleeping overnight in the van
Another time somehow perhaps….

So its onwards to Archidona and that Tapas bar from two years ago

And here they are…

Having missed out last year and being told it just wasn't worth the trip we wanted to visit Gibraltar and find out for ourselves

Two nights on the Marina in Spain will do nicely so we take an evening stroll over the border in to the UK

First impressions are good and there appears to be a lively cafe culture

How many times do you need to blink to take in the fact that diesel is this price?

That border control

The runway immediately afterwards which all traffic entering Gibraltar must cross

Designed to make you feel British

Next day we go Retail Shopping to appease the Girlie
JD was £12.45 for a litre and Bombay Sapphire was £8.95 a litre…!

We cover a cool 13km and our feet are sore when we return to the Marina that evening

There's not enough time to do shopping and sightseeing so decide to return another day and do it justice
Our impression was its a bit of an oddity but fully understand why the Brits wanted it so many centuries ago and still need it now