Tuesday, 10 February 2015


We spend a couple of nights at Sanlucar on the coast and all is well with sunshine and a big ride down towards Rota

We decide to take in Seville and park up in the city on an Aire recommended to us by the guy owning the site in Sanlucar. Its on the waterfront and not sexy but will do for us as its apparently only a short stroll to the Maria Luisa Park

Young bird feeder

Genuine Seville oranges...

The park is vast with some stunning architecture and ponds

Always an eye for the birds….

Lunchtime sunshine at the incredible Plaza de España

A huge part of the city was redeveloped in 1929 for the World Fair and this is among its legacies

Reminds us a lot of Siena in Italy

Happy tourist in light clothing…..This came back to bight me later that evening as it was rather cold when the sun went down. Yes you were right Nina...

That Timotei moment….

Time to go Tapas hunting and we find a nice place recommended to us
Okay we got it all wrong here…
We were starving as we'd been walking around hours and made the mistake of ordering the meal to all come at the same time. How much more sensible it would have been to do what the Spanish do and spend hours walking the city of an evening grazing and drinking a little in a tapas bar as you pass them
Next time we do it right!

Wish I'd got the big camera for the evening as the architecture and scenery is stunning

Nina's particular fascination was for these fans

Oh dear another Tapas bar but we are stuffed...

Can easily manage a couple of Vhino Tintos though

We decide that we definitely need to revisit here soon probably on this trip as there's too much to see and do in a day
In a few months when its warmer and for a few days stay too