Saturday, 7 February 2015

La Isleta

Moving ever southwards we hole up for two nights at a well run 'Stellplatz' near Vera on the coast. I give it the German name as its quite full of the biggest German vans we'd seen in a while and it looks like they have been here a while

A good opportunity to remove some sea salt…

There are loads of these along the coast road next day just ripe for renovation but miles from nowhere

After our first choice stopover was crammed full of vans we go on to discover a little gem of a place at La Isleta

First evening we just chill and discover a little bar in the tiny inlet where we enjoy several vhino tintos and tapas all for €9.00

Still windy but at least the sun is out for us

Our Brit neighbour sends his dogs off in to the sea next day 
We hate to think of the cleaning these two will need now

Tourist in shorts……at last

Time for a big walk me thinks...

Just how fast is this sea erosion thing?

Great few days, great location