Thursday, 19 February 2015

South East Portugal

Late in the day we arrive at Castro Marim just over the border in Portugal
We are quite surprised to find the place rammed with motorhomes, unduly so as the overflow car park had just a little space left
Its been put to us that there are a substantial number of French vanners here that have sought not to go to Morocco this year, heeding the official advice of their Government. This could be the case but who knows….

This and the next night at Vila Real De San Antonio are uneventful so we move on to Manta Rota along the coast for a few days

From here we do a couple of rides, one back to the Spanish border and the other to Tavira and take in a  favourite beachside bar of ours at Fabrica

Market square at VRS Antonio

Sunshine and a Super Bock at Fabrica

Clam hunting we think….

The weather takes a British turn and goes cloudy and quite chilly so we head off for the hills and a great night wild camping overlooking a distant barragem near Odeleite. This then makes way for a welcome return to Alcoutim on the banks of the River Guadiana next day

Last time we were here it was in the mid 30 Degs but alas not today so we set off across the river to Spain and venture up the hillside to the castle atop the village of Sanlucar do Guadiana….the wrong way of course...

Several km later we find the track and are not surprised when we find it is closed and under renovation…hey ho!

This looked fun though, a zip wire between two countries. My spine, and Nina, were relieved to find it is a summer attraction only...

Nina is gone for 10 mins down the path to the village below and I find her blissfully enjoying herself in the 'get fit' park

Beat this for a 'Teddy Dog'

So, after spending quite a while waiting for a non existent return ferry crossing, we (re-enter) the river bar on the Spanish side in search of the 'ferryman'
We spend a very pleasant couple of hours, maybe longer, in the company of Phillipe, a semi resident South Afrikan/English guy who lives on his boat here and the well respected Luis our ferryman and ride home

Beers and lots of local 'must see' advice later we wave farewell to Luis…

The weather is set to improve now and we will head further northwards to Pomarao upstream via Mertola