Saturday, 28 September 2013


It has to be said that driving in or around Prague is a complete nightmare, by far the worst experience we've had so far. This being due to no sat nav, a street map in a foreign language and of no use since the routes marked make no allowances for height restrictions.
We got stuck twice in front of overhead tram wires and low bridges and the town is cut in several sections by the river and bridges that need to be crossed.
Oddly enough there are NO cycles in Prague...not because they are banned but because it is probably too dangerous to ride there
We got lost several times and bear in mind we'd had two days here before Emilja flew out.

Camera shy or what?

They made more money later...

Rub the bronze...say a prayer

Well thumbed bronze on Charles Bridge

Loads of this...

Crepes were just superb...

All in vain mate..
Most of the tourists were Japs or Americans so had no clue as to what your demands were...

Castle complex in inclement weather

Very nice but no thanks, we'll just walk

Thanks Emilja..

If you're in to period architecture then go visit Prague, its stunning..
If you're in to hoards of people moving along like lost sheep, go also

The posh section was quite something with the usual doormen preventing entry to anyone who doesn't look like they would cry come payment time...

At last the sun shone..

A trip back to the famous Charles Bridge rounded off the evening

We really enjoyed Prague 

Emilja & Regensburg

Time to pick up the churned up maps, do away with sat nav and re-enter the Czech Republic, this time via its western border with Germany

A short drive to Nyrsko and we found ourselves on a good site with superb restaurant. (No stellplatz or wild camping allowed here in the CZ so you must use campsites)
We came a few days early in readiness for Emilja's arrival in Prague and after several days of rain and less than average sites we collected her from the airport amid lots of smiles and hugs

So plan was to travel back to Germany next day and spend a couple of days at a Therme as we knew she was a bit of a water baby at heart and we'd seen nothing of interest between there and Prague to be honest. The scenery is really good but the infrastructure is streets behind with little for eager 'sensation seekers'. 

So, after parking up at Bad Abbach Kaiser Therme we set off on the midday bus in to Regensburg

It all started quite well with a culture trip to the Cathedral

Then a tour of the small quaint back streets full of boutique shops for the girlies

I got quite bored with this and suggested to Emilja that we seek out a Brauerie we'd seen earlier...
Big smiles revealed the longing in her heart too and soon we were entrenched in the local drinking emporium thus ending the sensible part of the day...

Who's that drunk!

Prat! It got out of hand very soon afterwards
The flasks are 2 litres of dunkel and we had a few...

Nice to see chef getting 'time out'

Next day and seems only me has a headache..

Spa full of duddies but we can see why the older generation love these. A great way to relax all day

So to Prague......