Monday, 26 October 2015

In to Umbria

A night FOC and with electric will do nicely sir so its a thumbs up to the council guys at Torrita di Siena

We awake to the sound of two locals relieving this olive tree of its valuable load
We walk in to the little historic village and discover two gems…

The only cafe..

And this beauty, a launderette
Fresh bedding tonight!

On to Ficulle over in Umbria for two nights, again in the hills and we Fozz it to Orvieto for more wanderings and view gazing

Signore lunching...

Orvieto Cathedral and its quirky zebra masonry

One mean looking cat

The steep way in to town, for pedestrians only

Iphone photographer at work

Has to be this size really to get about here

Two peaceful nights later we move further on to Lubriano, now in the Lazio region, and after strolling the town set off for nearby Civita di Bagnoregio

What a lovely place this is, accessed via a small bridge and completely isolated
Its built on volcanic tuff stone which is apparently eroding at an alarming rate (the bridge was put in to span the eroding gap)
The foundations are built on the stone & clay and have been there for 2500 years, but alas not for much longer and many historic houses have fallen away over the centuries

The Tuff stuff (or not so tough)

Escape…but to where?

'I really can't be bothered'

Felines everywhere...

We discover this little cafe tucked away and treat ourselves to the local rosso
A nice touch in these parts is 'nibbles' brought out to accompany your drink

Who needs a selfie stick!