Saturday, 10 October 2015

Lago Superiore Di Fusine

Moving over the border in to Austria looked no problem on paper as we've done it before in this area, or so we thought…
Now we have the Anhänger (trailer) firmly lodged behind us on the steep hills it all becomes a little more involved. You basically select a gear, and stick to it!
So changing up from 1st to 2nd on a steep incline with a lorry coming downhill the other way and refusing to give way when I'm trying to gun it only results in me reselecting 1st (automatic gearbox remember) and clenching my buttocks as we grind to a halt.
Handbrake holding the lot and me gradually applying the power to help prevent wheelspin saw us almost burning out the robotic clutch, A smell that you don't forget in a hurry and invokes beads of nervous sweat instantly.
The amazement in getting going causes us to pull in ASAP at the top and release the heat from the engine

All very pretty in this soon to be busy alpine ski resort, but I'm already stressing about the endless descent the other side as, from previous years, we have suffered brake fade going downhill as the van's weight overruns the engine whatever gear you leave it in…
Strange to report but no such problem this time. I wonder if the trailer's braking system actually helps pull the van back a little?

Anyway, amidst glorious sunshine we make it to Altenmarkt Im Pongau, a favourite of ours

We arrive too late for what looks to have been the town autumn festival

We spend two nights here with me in a right state, coughing and sneezing everywhere
Its at this stage Nina begins to snuffle so it looks like another teddy is down with flu

We press on after a few days down in to Italy and soon arrive in Motorhome Nirvana
What a stunning place this is, 10km from the nearest town of Tarvisio, up in the mountains

That evening, and to get us out the van really, we decided to break out 'Fozz' and go eat Pizza in Tarvisio

Nicely washed down with some fine Vino Rosso...

Next day, and determined to fight back, we both decide a good walk would clear the lungs out

Off we go at a very slow, dizzy pace in to the great beyond

Various fungi take our fancy

Some natives of the local woods, I kid you not

A native of the next village

Actually a cycle track..

Can you believe its actually parked on two pipes with tons of rock in the back

Rest a while sir?

One for you Keith

Just us here and the silence was deafening

Hank special..

This place is in our top five spots for wild camping
Just four campers on a large flat parking area overlooking the misty lake and total silence 

There's water here for the van, a toilet block and a bistro cafe during the day to add to the convenience

I can't help but try to compare it to the hoards of tourists we'll encounter in Venice…
Each day a different flavour..