Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lake Garda

The weather has turned a little and we hunker down for several days of rain en route to Lake Garda
A launderette is discovered in Saove and laundry boy goes about his business…

Our route so far

It finally dries up and we stay a couple of nights just south of Lake Garda, breaking out Fozz to visit the shoreline and Garda itself

A glass of local white wine is suggested from the female half of the team and we are soon sat watching the clouds slowly part for the sun

Put it Down!
The smell of leather drifts down every street and I am reliably informed that Italy is The place to buy the stuff
Nice try Nina...

Lunch is taken in a very nice Ristorante and consisted of spaghetti carbonara and a calzone pizza, both shared of course

This fella. Jack Russellini, knew the score
He followed dinner out of the kitchen, waited for scraps, then followed the plates back the moment they were removed from the table

Nina spied a bar earlier...

An hour later we are in it sampling yet more vino locale

I fancied this beauty but didn't fancy explaining it to the Carabinieri later...

The sun arrives at last and the whole place takes on a summer feel

Nina's ideal appartement 

Back around the shoreline we discover Bardolino, stroll and take coffee
Very Italian..

Very similar to Garda with endless cafes, ristorantes and bag shops!

The 'Fozz' thing was a real bonus today and the practicality of having a scooter now really comes through. I like the fact we can park him anywhere and hop on and off at will. 
The real test will be the streets of Rome….