Sunday, 4 October 2015

Ruhpolding & Königssee

The next few days are quite uneventful as we take the shortcut to Bavaria via the Czech Republic
There are some quite lovely scenic areas between the two borders and I recall Prague being a great place to visit, but the country as a whole just doesn't do it for us I'm afraid
The difference in the two countries is quite noticeable and we were met with stares and total unfriendliness at the first campsite we stayed on. 
No smiles, no effort, no nothing really and it left us with the feeling that their only foreign visitors seemed to be old German couples seeking a cheap way of living for weeks on end

That said the second, and last site (no stellplatze or Aires here) at Nyrsko gave us a friendly welcome but we knew this in advance as we'd been here a few times before
The bonus here was that we dug out some leftover Czech money from two years ago and struggled to spend it all in their on-site restaurant and bar, giving what was left as a tip to the waitress
So folks, no photos as I just wasn't in the mood…

We enter Bavaria and its as if the light's gone on. Houses with flower baskets, cared for streets and smiling people…
We spend a few days just trundling southwards through this glorious landscape and stay overnight on stellplatze in towns with the usual mix of Eiscafes, Konditorei and the now common Kebab shops

All is well as we arrive at Ruhpolding (check the link's panorama shots) under a warm sun and encamp literally on the town's superb campsite for a couple of days

The next day I feel decidedly groggy and in the three years we've been on the road I've not had a cold
That all changed today as Manflu takes over and our activities are scuppered 

I can only manage a dodgy ride on 'Fozz' in to the town and a gentle amble round

We have WiFi and Nurse Nina on hand so some forward planning is done

We up sticks and drive the short distance to Königssee

What a fine location for a fuel station

Last time we came we went up to view 'The Eagle's Nest'

This time its a gentle sneezing amble around to the magnificent lake

As its reputedly the cleanest lake in Germany only electrically powered boats and rowing boats are allowed on it

We regret not taking the two hour boat trip but to be honest I was suffering and glad to get back to the van

Nurse Nina deserved one of these on our way back from a short walk in the hills
(The downside was two days later she starts with the same cold symptoms)

So this last week has been a little restrained on the activity front which is a pity as its stunning here and cries out for days of cycling. Still if you are under the weather this is the place for R & R...