Sunday, 11 October 2015


Further south we locate ourselves at Spilimbergo on an Aire with free everything including electric, always a bonus…
The extra bonus here is its my Birthday too and we are out for a meal later in the town

Wow, these are really top coffees
Cafe Moroccos and just so nice. Chocolate base, coffee, whipped cream and wafer stick

Our first town with an old world Italian feel

Birthday treat, German beer...

Behind us the hills from whence we came...

In the restaurant in town later that day and I spot this poor donkey

Things could have gone very wrong here with our host leaving the JD on the table for me

Caprese starter

Succulent carved steak

Tiramasu for two…

Two memorable things that happened on my day were:
1. Leaving the freshwater filler cap 30km away at our last stop, riding back on 'Fozz' to try and retrieve it (to no avail)
2. Being eaten alive outside the van by hoards of mosquitos at the aire (the scratching stays with you for days)
(Next day we drove to a caravan spares place and bought two caps just in case Numpty leaves another behind)