Monday, 12 October 2015


Its a little tricky getting near to Venice on any form of transport as the city operates a transport policy involving only river taxis (Vaporetto)
This means no cars (obviously), bicycles but more importantly no scooters. We had naively thought we could get settled 20km from the centre and scoot in at will, not with Venice.
We definitely made the right choice by driving right round the headland past Lido Di Jesolo and staying on a superb quiet motorhome site not far from the departure point of the Venice passenger ferries

Two grinning Venetians

Our first sight of this magical city

The Gondolas are awaiting the cash rich tourists

Tricky stuff this €160.00 an hour job, yes you read right….

That Square with parts of it under water but not from rain 

My personal favourite

Taxi drivers taking time off

In 'open water' things are bit more tricky for them as they run the gauntlet with the rest of the river craft with what seems to be no speed restrictions

We decide to take another boat to the island of Murano famed for its beautiful glassware

This island is far less crowded and its nice to stroll in the sunshine around the numerous glass manufacturing houses

All made of glass

Just beautiful here...

Happy Bunnies...

In the late afternoon we return to the mass of humanity and take a boat up the Grand Canal (after taking one the wrong way!)

What a way to spend a sunday afternoon….

After getting off at San Marco we glance backwards to see this beast dominating the skyline

Very nice...


Nina's favourite

The Piazza San Marco is lovely at night and several of the restaurants have musicians playing outside for seated guests

We take the ferry back to Punta Sabbioni and enjoy another meal in the nearby ristorante
What a perfect day we had. Venice is just lovely, yes there are lots of tourists but it wasn't oppressive and the prices of refreshments in general were quite reasonable we thought for a place of this popularity
Having said that we talked to a Brit who had paid €80.00 for a glass of water, a coffee and a glass of prosecco in the square in San Marco
This was available for less than €10.00 a few streets away from the hoards of tourists, But….
he's took his wife away on a three day romantic break to Venice…Why not sit front and centre and suck it all in, that's why they are here and they were happy…

Nina got her Gondola experience in the end….