Friday, 29 September 2017

Off again, Kind of!

The weeks pass by quickly at Dethick and after having Max serviced and gathering added essentials for our next trip we are ready for the off

Wait a minute, there's a spanner in the works
After having received assurances that our rental tenants are staying put for another year we are informed they 'may' be moving out

Our plan for the next week is to go visit Emilja & Richard in Stowmarket, do a decorating & tiling job for them, then catch the nearby ferry.
Best get on with the short term plan then while we wait to see what happens on the rental front
(The issue here is that our house will need a total interior makeover if the tenants up sticks and we are almost on the ferry!)

The Makeover Team

The finished kitchen (hall, stairs & landing too) for which Emilja & Richard were extremely grateful
An evening at the local Presso was a real bonus...thankyou both

After a tiring but very pleasant week spent with them and using a nearby CL its time to grab a Traditional English at Richard's brother's cafe in town

This shot means we've left the UK via Harwich as planned BUT...
We have confirmation we need new tenants so the plan is made to return late October to access the house and get the job done
Initially this seems a bummer but it needs to be done at some stage soon and means we can then dismiss any worries about the state of the house for a few years

So our month's jaunt in to Holland & Germany lands us predictably at Vianen with some interesting waterway lighting

Its from here we visit..

On Max..

A small sample of the local transport

Its a lovely city and awash with outdoor terraces and cafes and soon we are refreshing ourselves

The local 'Bin Men'

La Trappe Dubbel

Next day we move on to Milsbeek next to the Reichwald forest on the German border

A long walk through the huge forest brings us out at Kranenburg

A cycle ride next day passes the British Cemetery in the Reichwald

A beautifully maintained place this is 

Almost home and we discover a dutch bar with a twist

There are more animals running free here than customers but the La Trappe Dubbel went down well and we bought the glass from the host

Big and very noisy

Sunday, 3 September 2017


The long awaited 'Dethfest" arrives with vans parked strategically in a "French Corale' style
However annoying this behaviour seems to us Brits abroad its time to emulate our nearest neighbours and get the party going..

The Gossip Olympics are underway and there are two clear podium places awaiting for two of this bunch
Me? Surely not...

Gold & Silver medalists 😃😃

Mick's done a 'Festbeer' and TBH its damned good!
Keith has dropped out of the talkathon and becomes an excellent barman serving the needs of the thirsty Mohos

Deb as ever on her 'Fitbit'
(Keith is really interested in our new toys but shows defiance and drops in to a downward spiral of self-denial)

Superscout Mick discovers some Boyz Toyz I've casually laid out for the group

Soon he has created 'Fire' and we all look on admiringly 

Not posed for, honest...

The marshmallow bag is found to have a tear in it and soon the girls are prodding them with toasting forks and emitting childlike gasps as they consume the gooey stuff

Chilled (literally) and lubricated, the 'Old Folks' nestle around the fire pit 

Next day its time to stretch our legs off we trot towards Crich

Its not long after this I decide involuntarily to test the cow poo absorption rate of my newly acquired walking shoes
They pass with flying colours amidst much hilarity from my sympathetic companions
(Mick photographs the event for his blog and posterity)

Choices, choices

Half way house at the local in Crich

Later that day back at the Corale a nice Chinese take away is consumed al fresco and washed down with more of the Festbeer

Walking again next day this time up past Riber and down in to Matlock for our obligatory Fish & Chips

Just parked up and looking good

Three Wise Men look down on Matlock Bath

Before the chipfest a mandatory visit to Spoons in town puts smiles on the Girls...

and the Boys...

Last night and the firepit is lit again

Chris serves up all things cheesy to accompany the peanuts and crisps and her apple & blackberry crumble is rounded off by yours truly in proper style

Nina perfecting her toasting technique

We all had a brilliant three days here at Dethick and nice to RV on home soil for a change
I do hope we can make this a regular event for us 

We go our separate ways soon but are sure to meet up hopefully in warmer climes later
Bon Route fellow Vanners!