Friday, 26 September 2014

Canal Du Midi

Finally we make it down to one of our most favourite areas, namely the southern Midi Pyrenees
The weather here is usually superb with both the warmth and sunshine eagerly lapped up by those seemingly endless vineyards
Our favourite wines (and there are many) are Corbieres and Minervois and we aim to visit these areas following the Canal du Midi which effectively connects the Atlantic with the Mediterranean across Southern France

Our aire for the night is next to the canal and we set off for the usual evening stroll

The lock keepers cottage

As we remember it, miles of plane trees and green canal water

We guessed this as millet 

Heaven for us biking...

Middle of a quadruple lock

There's a memory there somewhere...

The ride next day takes us past Castelnaudary, the home of Cassoulet which is in my top ten all time favourite dishes

The French alas miss a trick with this canal as its very popular but sparsely littered with cafes en route
Glad we eventually found this one

Rank and file

Officers on parade...

Every tree has a number..