Monday, 15 September 2014


Edging ever southwards we visit and stay at Lautrec in some seriously great weather
Off we go to visit the walled town which you can guess is uphill from where we are

Most of the houses here are timber framed and date back seemingly to when history began

Bizarrely a windmill right on top of the old town's hill

Looking over towards the Montagne Noir which we will skirt in the next few days

Classic bread oven now part of the Tourist Office

I love this thing. Its so French and I would be proud to have it on my house
Historic kind of tattoo I guess...

Nearby is a 'voie verte', a dedicated cycle path, this one connecting Albi with Castres
Blazing saddles are the order of the day and off we go
We come across many meadows stuffed with wild flowers which we feel have some connection agriculturally speaking with the crops of sunflowers and maize but at this point do not know

The only gripe here is after a total of 54km riding we see absolutely zippo in the way of 'refreshment huts'
Its times like these we really miss Germany
Soon enough…..

That very familiar classic tree shot

It appears its harvesting week and the 'Tournesol" (sunflowers 'turning to the sun' ) are done for