Friday, 26 September 2014

La Canourgue

Time now to head north slowly towards Germany and we discover a lovely town called La Canourgue

View over the town from the Virgin Mary statue high above

Look closely..

Yes you did scare us mon petit chien...

This is an inconvenience for the mutts on the aire as they were all geared up for an 'all nighter'

Inside the beautiful church in the old sector

Alas the shop was shut and we desperately needed new brake pads for Nina's bike

Under the bridge lies a t**ll, lol

Deep joy ensues as we find a Laverie and the next few hours are spent doing the washing and drinking wine at the local bar up the road

Public weighbridge now disused

Our initial refreshment prior to the wash house discovery...

Strangely enough we watch 'Saving Mr Banks' a few days later in which Mary makes another appearance

It sort of goes downhill from here as Nina takes this shot of Muggins whilst supping wine at the bar, bought for her by the group of newly arrived bikers. There was one for me on my return I'm glad to report
Cheers guys!