Monday, 15 September 2014

St Cirque Lapopie

An email arrives from Les Adventurers Pat & Jane who are now en route back to Blighty and do we want to hook up again for more merriment?
At this point our livers quiver (poetic?) at the thought of another beer onslaught so we make a mental note of trying to exercise self control come the reunion….

Pat suggests St Cirque Lapopie as they were there two years ago and love the place. All is set for what turns out to be two nights of great company, bike ride and evening soirees

The setting is superb with choice of either riverside or quieter parking nearby where we corralled the vans and chilled a while

All too soon we are desperate to go sightseeing and we find ourselves visibly losing litres of water out of our heads as we head off up the steep access path to the village
'Mad dogs and Englishmen' kept playing in my mind as we strove on in search of the inevitable 'Holy Grail'

Cakes at the ready we make the final accent...

Trigger happy Pat

Spot the tourist...

Our 'best friends'

The hilltop village is quite beautiful and quaint and strangely not 'touristy'

Holy Grail found..
(The size of the glasses raised a few eyebrows)

Girlies wondering why they followed the men away from the shops...

Way below, shops and girls reunited..

View down the river from the village way above

Des Res…

Numpty dressed for dinner, and very fine it was Jane!

Early morning mist over the weir

Its hot so lets go biking!

A nice steady trundle ensues

Sensible refreshment soon followed by….

'Essential Refreshement' as Pat the beer retriever smells out another village bar

Not content with easy pictures...

Dumbo has a great deal of trouble wrapping the camera around terrace roof

Halfway house on 'Le Grande Tour'

Girls out that evening and really chuffed I guess as neither of them have to cook!

Silliness soon ensues with 'Men behaving Badly'

Thanks you two for some great laughs and good company here in La France
Bon Route pour L'Angleterre mes amis