Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chez Tim & Sue

Arriving at Tim & Sue's we discover Sue is quite unwell unfortunately, suffering badly from the effects of what appears to be a spider bite on her forehead
Tim assures us he wants us to stay but we feel terribly for poor Sue
The allergic reaction means she is quite unwell with severe facial swelling and is confined to bed for most of our stay on doctors orders but mainly because it has knocked her off her feet
We stay for two days and she bravely puts in several appearances which help we think with fresh air and light bites bless her

Whilst Sue sleeps the boys go about today's task which is to build a winter cover for the pool

Tim supervising…

A well earned break Hughie!

Les Onions

Lulu in search of lizards…

You very brave man!

Pool lizards..

Christopher (their son in England) sends get well flowers

Hughie le chef