Monday, 15 September 2014


Conques was next up just a few kms along the valleys and for just €4.00 we parked up with a few other vans and made the walk down in to the medieval village

Tourists rule here with the usual selection of souvenir and general tat shops

As ever its all spread out on a hillside better suited to mountain goats...

The Abbey-Church of St Foy at Conques is a little underwhelming we found as all the stained glass windows have been removed, boarded up, and are on display next door in the museum for a price of course.
Not a bad idea but the church looks quite drab although its masonry is of course superb

Even God has an extended lunch in France it seems...

Yes its a bar, and yes we did 

Peter & Paul

That was Conques, second time we've been and very nice but there are so many more here to discover