Tuesday, 19 August 2014

En route through the Loire

One of our early stopovers in the Loire region see us barely 200m from the main route through town yet secluded and very quiet for the night

Our first French breakfast after Muggins legs it to the Boulangerie in the village

Next day we end seeing double…
Martyn & Lynne are our neighbours and were on holiday from New Zealand
This is the 2nd van they have bought in the UK from new, having sold their last 12 plate after shipping it back to NZ
What Martin hasn't had bolted to the van as extras isn't worth mentioning suffice to say he is more than geared up for Armageddon……Well done that man!

The local gothic style church in Nonancourt

Jolie fleur…

Beats the town hall where we hail from hands down

50m from the all-essential Laverie and we take lunch in the van whilst the washing twirls away

OMG….Its coming at us!

As Harry Enfield would say..Its only me!