Tuesday, 12 August 2014


The time has come to hit the road again…
We are really pleased that Mum is fine and we feel OK to leave her well cared for in the nursing home
We have really enjoyed our stay back in the UK at Dethick 
En route for the ferry we stay the night at a CL just outside Chelmsford enabling us to spend the evening (at the local hostelry) with Emilja
All is well on that front and she is settling in OK

Next morning and its time to join the Emissions queue on the Dartford Crossing which was quite busy and took ages to pass over

This quirky odometer milestone was passed….

On to Canterbury P & R and we catch the free bus in to town

It was chocker with tourists all eager to part with £10.50 each to enter the Cathedral surrounds
We gave this a wide berth as we are so used to entering stunning Euro churches and paying well….nothing

Many shops later, including long discussions in both Artique Galleries & with Laurent from The Sandwich Bar, we head for well deserved liquid refreshment

A full days busking no doubt leaves this guy feeling the strain

Just one beer each and a good stroll around left us nicely tired ready for an early night and early ferry crossing tomorrow