Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Vineyard Stopovers

In the book that never lies that is the Camperstop Europe bible we find a few gems slightly off the beaten track
The beauty here is they are quiet, secluded usually and you get to buy very good wine at very good prices….

Its the peak holiday season in France and we were expecting neighbours…none for both days..

These were our nearest ones..

Happy Happy Days!

Bless these little beauties...

A proper chateau old boy..

Yes you guessed it, we're lost!
Having done a nifty 45km ride to Chemillé and (almost) back we get lost having completely forgotten where the vineyard is
These ladies take pity on us and set about ringing up the local vignoblers and asking if they've lost some Idiots Anglais!

Another day another vineyard..

One of two house pooches that wanted our steaks that evening..

This is for Nick who has a wall fetish

The local village where we HAD to sit and sample a beer….