Monday, 25 August 2014


En route to Blois we stay close to Amboise and bike it to the quite busy town with its magnificent Chateau on the river Cher

This is the heart of Chateaux country with over 50 to explore and we pass many on the banks of the many interlaced rivers

Having parked up in a well organised aire in the heart of Blois we set off on the tourist trail firstly in the direction of its famed chateau

These visitors came in style...

Huge and dominating the town..

In to the inner sanctum and we instantly get lost...

'On the throne' …again.

Fancy guttering...

We were tempted to Lord it up especially as we had a personalised floor!

Tile anoraks dig in..

As it used to be..

View over the minions..

Here's Cinderella trying not to loose any footwear..

Don't you just yearn for more!

What size is the chastity belt?

I did well not to knock these over

Perfect couple..

Somebody else has the drama today (bottom left)

Back to work Cinders...

Gargoyles at work

My old camera

The Loire….again

Spot the imposter

Le jardin public

More free entry churches

Obligatory candle shot

Back at the aire we spot these guys overhead

Please don't release the beer cans just yet!

Next morning after a surprisingly quiet night we are literally shaken in our bed by a French guy who decides to reverse in to the back of the van
Linford Christie meets Terminator meets International incident ensues as I propel myself semi clothed out the door
After much inspection and mild repair to the bike cover all is well and we wave the elderly couple on their way. I'm sure he'd had some sort of cardiac issue as he had a hole in the side of his van but thankfully he'd hit the metal MTB pedals on the bikes and no real harm done to us

So thats the second collision we've had with me nowhere near the wheel!