Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Time to move location

Having installed Emilja in her new home we relax back at Chez Dethick and actually end up moving a few miles to comply with CC rules and get a recharge at Crich Lane Farm

As we make ready so does Mr Dalton (93) as he trundles up the field cutting the grass

This is baby Oliver, proud creation of Katy & Richard at Crich Lane Farm
He was just days old when we last saw him

A couple of days later and we are back in the field at Dethick and its all change as there is now a 3 week rally on in the field opposite
Initial trepidation waned as they are quiet really and a there is a marked absence of screaming children
Later weeks revealed that its a temporary holiday site with just a little coming and going, mainly at weekends

After packing away our elaborate gas BBQ in to storage a while ago we find we much prefer this simple method (with no cleaning)

Between visits to see Mum we get the walking bug and venture out past Holloway and the hills around Crich

Ripe for restoration…..

In a very secluded 'dell' we found these two mutts keeping guard