Monday, 4 August 2014

Emilja moves to Essex

After landing the perfect job in Essex Social Services its now time to ship Emilja off to Chelmsford and a radically different life for her
We are very proud of her passing her degree in Social Work & Social Policy after giving up her previous job and reaching for better things in Life

This is part of the crash scene we found on arrival at our departure point 

The 'trusted' van that came with 277k on the clock and two numpties (dads) seconded for the day to imitate pack horses

Emilja's Euro clothes mountain ready to ship and be crammed back in to her wardrobe in the flat in Chelmsford

Max & Paddy hit the road….
Unbeknown to the girls in tow there is much consternation in the jalopy up front
A flashing oil light all the way stressed us out as it took ages to identify it as the  'too much oil' light
So did the ESP warning light and loss of power which plagued us the whole way
I ignored both warnings and tried to smile when we realised it was drinking fuel at a rapid rate

So to the flat which she is impressed with
It was soon turned in to a right mess whilst we erected her wardrobes and had too many discussions as to where the bed was to be installed
The Brucey bonus here was it was probably the muggiest day of the summer so far with the temp in the flat I guess well over 30 degs…

Several hours later and we are nearly done as Emilja fusses around her girly environment

Time for bubbles...

'Its not you humping mattresses and the like up the stairs!'

A rose between two thorns

So Emilja, there you are installed in your new nest
Good luck in your chosen career, you deserve the very best….