Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nature Trail

Whilst staying at an aire near Feneu we embark on a hike around the local lanes and footpaths
The inevitable getting lost scenario materialises again but hey, we're used to it by now…

A handy photo of a recognised route we fail to follow….

Mountain ash (Rowan) easy peasy

No idea

What looks to be a 30m pea plant

Which yields coffee bean lookalikie seeds

Peaches (easy peasy)

Young immature figs

Its a Shhaaaaaattowwww old boy!

Mirabelles (check out the big brain on Pete)

We were very naughty here and almost made ourselves sick with these

Robin du Bois at your service M'aam

Mobile phones a ripening….

Moth eaten or is it a butterfly?

Homo Sapien in need of some TLC…

Is this you Nick?

That reminds me did we beat India in the series?

 Jersey Tiger moth

Not for consumption

Damsons or sloes we think...

Might be to do with warning shots in the forest but who knows...

Oh no whats this prat up to?

Is it done like this Hank?

Now you're stuffed, how do you actually get down

Send for the Sapeur Pompiers!