Thursday, 6 October 2016

Last few weeks..

Our time at home draws to an end after a two month return seeing us catching up with friends both old and new. 
These past few weeks have been spent resourcing the essentials for our next long excursion in to mainland Europe and spending the odd days and evenings out with friends and family

A couple of times we relocate down to the barn at Church farm where our friendly host, Mick, has run us out some lekky to fully charge and condition our batteries. My thoughts here are that for all the solar panels and access to a generator one may have, leisure batteries need a full 48hr trickle charge now and again to keep the batteries healthy

Martyn makes plenty of visits to camp Hudson (usually around feeding time) and helps us with our relocation efforts..

Our 'private' spot and the icing on the cake really as it means we don't have to move the trailer either 

Having returned from their jaunt to sunny France, Pat & Jane are our hosts for another RV in Bingham

As ever, much hilarity and far too many beverages are consumed in the hostelries 'in town'

Happy Days

Very late on back at camp Cathcart, Pat reveals his masterpiece…
He's been coveting two bottles of Black Albert for a while and decides to share with his Chum
Due homage was paid to this extraordinary beer and now I've tasked myself with locating a few more to return the gesture
Next morning we set off for Wetherspoons again for our now traditional Full English parting breakfast
See you next year Guys…

Cameron arrives with his overnight bags one day and we are soon discovering the joys of Uncle & Auntiehood...

Fish & chips (again) on an earlier trip in to Matlock

There's no freeloading with us two so the young slave is put in to hard labour

No chimneys to shove him up so an acorn inspection of the trailer's roof will suffice!

By way of a treat he's subjected to circuits of the field aboard Max
That night we all sat out way after bedtime stargazing and hatching a plan to buy a fire pit soon as the atmos is great sat round a fire…

Nina is busy creating her latest gift for what turns out to be baby 'Alfie Joshua Lord'

For most of this time we have to put up with daily shots and banter from overseas from Mick & Deb who are over the moon to be in Germany
Retaliation for when they were stuck in Blighty and we were lapping up the sun in Alicante..

What a crap time you seem to be having chums….
Soon be there so drink on…..

One of several stunning sunsets here at Dethick

We manage an afternoon's trip out to see Keith & Chris at a lovely CL near Rainworth and are treated yet again to Chris's culinary skills
Technical tips are exchanged together with route intentions for the next few months and we bid our farewells till we meet again soon overseas. We are due to spend Christmas together in Spain which we are really looking forward to but sure we'll cross paths before then
Safe travels you two..

RV's with Nina's family and a final farewell to my Mum precede the trip to Stowmarket en route for the ferry from Harwich

Several days are spent with Richard & Emila having parked the van up nearby on a good CL

Downtown Ipswich after being taken for a hearty breakfast 

Lola is as ever in on the action and I get to take her out walking one day while the 'earners' are at work which was quite a change really
Nina had a huge lasagne ready for us all later which hit the spot nicely

Nina and the 'Kids'

Thats it then…..
We've had a really lovely time back home this time around and think we got the balance about right 
Nice to be home, nice to be off again...